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        Trade of Petroleum Products

        CBNB has traded and established strategic cooperation relation with a dozen of good suppliers against petroleum products including bitumen, fuel oil, gasoline, diesel oil and crude oil. CBNB also has a great customer pool in North China, South China, Central China, Sichuan Province, etc.

        fuel oil
        diesel oil
        crude oil
        Trade of energy resources and chemical products

        We run business of energy resources and chemical products including rubbers, PP, PE, LCO, aromatic hydrocarbons, PX, PTA, methanol, MEG and benzene. Through constant exploration and development, CBNB has won great attention and recognition of the industry.

        aromatic hydrocarbons
        Trade of "Black" Bulk Stock

        Spent dozens of decades engaging in trading “black” bulk stock including iron ores, steels, wire rods, plates and nickel ores, CBNB has established long-term strategic cooperation relation with a dozen of steel manufacturers and steel merchants and expanded the sales market to over 30 countries and East, North and South of China.

        Bulk Stock Trade of Nonferrous Metals

        CBNB has engaged in nonferrous metals including electrolytic coppers, electrolytic nickels, zinc ingots, lead ingots, silvers, crude coppers, intermediate products of nickel, ferronickel, nickel pig irons and laterite-nickel ores. Based on the needs of terminal customers, the company has coordinated resources of good factories in the upstream industry to trade nonferrous metals both in international and national market.