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        China-Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd (CBNB) was a state-owned company when founded in 1985, which was China National Export Bases Development Corporation Ningbo Branch at that time, and it was later on transformed to be a joint-equity enterprise in 1999. The company now has 39 wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries covering domestic and foreign trade, auto trade, international logistics and international bidding. With annual turnover of 60 billion yuan and annual import and export volume of US$ 3.5 billion, CBNB is now one of top 500 enterprises of China and the top foreign trade company in Ningbo.



        Wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries

        60 billion yuan

        Annual turnover

        USD 3.5 billion

        Annual import and export volume

        top 500

        Top 500 enterprises of China

        Corporate Culture